THE BIG, THOUGH, MEAN, BAJA 1000 - coming up!

As the BIG, THOUGH, MEAN, Baja 1000 approaches fast, make sure to check the #1 LIVE Baja Race eZine from Baja California. The place you find unbiased information published with permission by the sources, images un-altered obtained by the original owners or taken by one of our guys. Find Baja Racing Info and News first hand. All of the Baja 1000 details for the upcoming week and the first announcement when the independent 2009 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 website will open for the live coverage of the event. Check on the upcoming Honda vs. Kawasaki vs. KTM competition. Racers from Down-Under vs. Mexicanos vs. The established Baja racers. THE ultimate Moto competition.

Forecast for the Baja 1000 area? How is the weather predicted??Find the answer here...