Roger Norman turns fastest lap time at Xtreme Outlaws 250

Roger Norman teamed with Speed Technologies John Harrah to race a Class 1 car in the Xtreme Outlaws 250 race last weekend in Reno, NV. Norman turned the fastest lap times, and completed the final 65 mile loop of the race in 1 hour 27 minutes and 32 seconds. The Harrah/Norman team finished a close second with only 1 minute 34 seconds separating them from first.
The Xtreme Outlaw 250 was a race that was built with the efforts of the Gilman/Norman families, Grand Marshall Rod Hall, sanctioned by VORRA and a part of the Grand Sierra Resort Xtreme Outlaw race weekend. The 65 mile, 4 lap course took place on the “Tahoe Reno Industrial Center” property that is owned by the Gilman and Norman families, which prompted Norman to want to race even more. “With the Baja 500 only being 2 weeks before and not knowing if the truck would be able to successfully compete, I teamed up with John Harrah in his Class 1 car so I could race,” comments Norman. “It was a great experience for me, John is a good driver and the pit crews were great at getting us back out to racing. I am really glad that I had this opportunity to race on my own land.”
John Harrah and daughter Cody started the race and got 3 flat tires on the 1st lap. “They only had one spare on the race vehicle so they changed it on course, and then limped to check point 2 where Jake and I changed the other two tires. We only had one 37″ and borrowed a 35″ tire to get them back on the road,” remembers Norman. After Harrah completed two laps, they did a quick driver and co-driver change where Roger Norman and co-driver Jake Velasco jumped in. They took on the challenge of being over 17 minutes behind the leader and 7 minutes behind 2nd place. It had been a while since Norman had been in a Class 1 car, and it took some time to overcome the cars fancy shifting system, but managed to quickly figure out the transmission and ran the fastest lap times of the day on the final laps. With the leader having problems with traffic and dust, Norman closed time on the now first place car, but couldn’t make up the 1:34 final time difference, and claimed the 2nd place prize of $3,000.
“I’m very excited this race was as successful as it was, and am looking forward to many more races on this property,” said Norman. “It was nice being able to bring this quality of a race into our hometown of Reno.” There are already plans in motion to cut more track and access roads to make larger races possible.