Chad Ragland letter to BLM

Re: MDR Off-road race in Lucerne, Aug. 14, 2010
I understand that this is a very difficult time for the BLM as well as the entire off-road community. The tragic loss of eight and the injuries of many more will take a long time to recover from, if ever. As a professional off-road racer and avid outdoors adventurer, I am sending this email to show my support for the BLM and sanctioned off-road racing events. I am aware of the negative way the media has already began to portray off-road racing. I think this is unfair, and not responsible. There is danger in almost everything we do. Driving on America's public roads and highways is still one of the most dangerous things we can do. The death of eight and the injury of several more at the MDR race in Lucerne is a terrible accident, and devastating to all those involved as well as the BLM and off-road racing community. A tragic accident, but still, an accident. I believe in enjoying this beautiful country and the BLM for managing our public lands. I know of no better group that appreciates our public lands, that uses our public lands, and wants to see our public lands continue to be a safe and enjoyable, than off-roaders. For over forty years, my family has been participating in off-road racing, and it has become not only my passion, but also my career. I believe off-road racing is an important and legitimate way to experience public lands. I would like to see positive come from this tragedy as I am sure the BLM as well. I think this is possible. I hope off-road racing and the BLM can continue to work together in a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to provide recreation, enjoyment, and livelihood for a great many of Americans.

Chad Ragland

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