Major changes at Puro Off-Road, more user oriented

We did some major changes the last 2 weeks. Well, major for our geeks at least. For you as user is not much different.
So far we had the forum as part of the website. It's now under a subdomain with a different URL. This enabled us to use a different server and have them 2 separated. Our geeks are happy about that.....

We also had not much time to either promote or monitor the boards and therefore had registration disabled. The few folks on there been there by invitation - now everything is open and everybody can sign up. Let's make that place a alternative to existing discussion boards to express our opinion on off-road racing and other motor-sports.

For your information: we established also some other, interactive sections on Puro Off-Road. The new "PuroOffRoadTube" with selected videos from YouTube, Vimio, Metacafe and so on. Motor-Sport vids concentrated!! Have a look at it!

Also new: The Puro Off-Road Gallery - a opportunity for race photo fans to sign up and post there off-road racing images. We got enough server space to offer unlimited bandwidth/space for now.
Sign up, sign in, set your account and post your pics!