2011 BITD Parker 425

2011 BITD Parker 425 post-race quotes from some of the top finishers. More than 200 of North Americas best off-road racers have signed up for the 2011 running of the Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 425. It was the 40th year that the city of Parker has hosted an off-road race along the Colorado River. A record breaking field of 34 Trick Trucks (equivalent of Trophy Trucks) entered that event. The starter list reads like a “who’s who” of the most renowned racers in the country. Pre-race the withdraw of the #2 Trick Truck, “Pistol” Pete Sohren, supposedly a sponsor jumped away. At the same breath Pete Sohren announced to team up with Armin Schwarz for the SCORE San Felipe 250. See the breaking news pistol vision here.

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A bad weekend also for Robby Gordon on his fans. So far 2011 for Gordon it is 3 starts, 3 fails! Another DNF after a 3rd place qualifying, featuring the new Bud Light sponsor, at this BitD race.

Also, a strong running at the beginning of the race for Andy McMillin with a less stellar outcome. O-tone / Facebook Andy McMillin: “Here’s what happened. Tied on time with Rob Mac, at mile 137 on lap 2 I missed a 90 degree right hand turn on a fast road. Instead of trying to make the turn, I drove over the berm and into what I thought was open desert. Instead it was a 15 foot ditch. The Motec in our truck says we went from 93mph to 0 in a quarter of a second. I’m sore but I’ll be fine.”
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